Mayakoba. Mexico

OHL Desarrollos is promoting the Mayakoba complex in Riviera Maya, a top-level tourist complex that co-exists with support to local communities and environmental protection. Its quality has been internationally recognized, as well as that of its El Camaleón golf course, where the prestigious PGA Tour, OHL Classic at Mayakoba is held.

Located 8 kilometers (km) from Playa del Carmen, along the central coastline of the Mexican Caribbean, the Mayakoba complex, which began operating in 1998, covers a surface area of 650 hectares (ha) of huge ecological value, where several ecosystems hold a delicate equilibrium with a huge range of plants and animals.

OHL Desarrollos has contributed to its protection and conservation by recovering the mangrove swamp, for which it has constructed a lagoon system of navigable artificial canals, covering a 25 ha surface area and 13 km long, making it the best forest and environmental quality structure of its kind in the Mexican Riviera Maya.

By recovering this ecosystem, amongst others, Mayakoba has become a worldwide sustainability reference. It is the natural habitat of almost 200 species, to include birds, fish, reptiles, crustaceans and mollusks, over the 70 species that existed before.

Its first stage, covering 250 ha, includes five luxury hotel complexes, three of which are operating: Rosewood, Fairmont, Banyan Tree and Andaz Hotel. The residential Fairmont Heritage Place is currently at a development stage.

In addition to hotel accommodation sports activities are offered with the golf course, which has made history by hosting the first PGA Tour held outside the U.S. and Canada.

The second stage of the project, Ciudad Mayakoba, 400 ha, is at an initial stage.