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Ciudad Mayakoba

It is the first population center planned in Quintana Roo, a residential project that seeks to respond to the strong population growth that Playa del Carmen is experiencing. Characterized by different types of housing, the project also includes different services: shopping areas, public spaces and equipment, among others.

Ciudad Mayakoba has a double concept. On the one hand, it contemplates a model of development destined to the population that lives in its zone of influence and, on the other hand, it attends a residential archetype around the idea of ​​social club that collects the values associated with the Mayakoba brand.

Three big developments

  • Parques de Mayakoba. It is the largest project in the entire complex and will cover more than 220 hectares and 13,600 homes. It includes the construction of a large urban park, shopping areas, leisure, service and a civic-educational center
  • Mayakoba Village. With an area of ​​just over 13 ha and 730 homes, it has a shopping area and offices. A navigable canal runs through it and is designed for pedestrian use
  • Mayakoba Country Club. The most exclusive residential development of the complex extends around an 18-hole golf course. It will include a social club, sports facilities and exclusive access to Mayakoba Beach Club. It will have more than 2,800 homes distributed over an area of ​​more than 165 ha

Benefits for the community

  • Construction of 16 km of primary roads with an occupation area of ​​more than 44 ha, representing 10.7% of the land area, incorporating both primary and secondary roads
  • Maximum respect to the local flora and fauna